Linebacker Mosley likens Thomas, Virginia Tech to Newton, Auburn

Alabama Football

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The Alabama defense isn’t just looking at Virginia Tech game film when preparing for Saturday’s season opener against the Hokies in Atlanta, outside linebacker C.J. Mosley said Tuesday.

“Their offense is not the same [from last year],” Mosley said. “Auburn’s offensive coordinator from last year [Scot Loeffler] is at Virginia Tech now, so we’ve actually been watching some film from when Auburn played us.”

Mosley said that the defense has actually watched the Virginia Tech offense as well to get a “better feel” of the Hokies’ personnel. He noted the Hokies’ wide receivers and quarterback Logan Thomas in his takeaways from watching their spring game film.

“They have playmakers at wide receiver, and their quarterback has the ability to run the ball and throw the ball,” he said. “He’s going to be a big-bruising quarterback, so once he gets going, he’s going to be hard to stop.”

The senior compared the quarterback to former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, who was selected with the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

“He’s like a Cam Newton-type quarterback,” Mosley said. “He can run the ball and throw the ball.”

Sunseri talks new targeting rule

Junior safety Vinnie Sunseri said he believes that his position is the one that will be most affected by the NCAA’s new “targeting” rule that comes into effect this season.

“Your first instinct when someone’s in the air about to catch the ball is to hit them,” he said. “All your momentum is going forward and your first reaction is to launch into him, so you’ve got to really control your body, really be smart.”

Under the new rule, a player can be flagged for hitting a defenseless player above the shoulders. The offending player can also be ejected on the spot, if he is penalized for breaking this rule.

Although Sunseri said he no longer gets to hit as much as he likes to now, he credits it to making him a better overall player this offseason.

“I’m just trying to make plays on the ball more than I’m trying to hit people now,” Sunseri said. “I feel like that’s helped me a little bit in a sense, too, because at DB you want to get the ball out, you want to make sure they don’t catch the ball. And if you hit them, and they catch the ball, there’s not anything special with it.”

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