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**Note: This was a print-only story**

The Crimson White spoke to University Echo sports editor Adam Stephens in Chattanooga, Tenn., to get his take on Chattanooga’s big year, dual-threat quarterback Jacob Huesman’s ability and the biggest strength on the Moc defense.

Crimson White: The Mocs have won eight games this season for the first time in 33 years. What’s been different about this year’s team compared to seasons past?

Adam Stephens: This year’s team has really embraced their roles on the field. Last year there was a two quarterback system in place on the field. This year Jacob Huesman is the starting QB and Terrell Robinson is the back up, so I feel like the team has a better understanding of how the offense should be played.

CW: With the team likely to play in the first round of the FCS playoffs next week, what are the chances that some players are rested against Alabama?

AS: Alabama will be a tough game this coming weekend. Any SEC team is going to be a tough game for us because they have more depth in their roster. Alabama has a very deep depth chart with lots of athletes ready to take the field. Because of this and the limited number of players that UTC playmakers that can put on the field, being rested might not be in the cards.

CW: Jacob Huesman is one of the top dual-threat quarterbacks in the FCS. Given from what you’ve seen out of him this season, how effective can he be against Alabama?

AS: Huesman will put up a big fight on the ground. I feel like his passing and rushing skills are very well oiled and he can make plays happen.  His biggest asset against Alabama will be a mix between short and long passing. Although Huesman is fast I don’t believe rushing and risking getting hurt by the defensive linemen is a very good call by the coach or him.

CW: Besides Huesman, who are some of Chattanooga’s other offensive playmakers to keep an eye on in this game?

AS: Besides Huesman on offense the second-most important person on offense is Terrell Robinson. Although he is not the starting quarterback on the team his is also a big threat to a defense. Robinson, like Huesman, is a duel threat. Robinson has been with the Mocs for three years and has gotten UTC out of some jams when starting QB B.J. Coleman was injured.  Last year Huesman and Robinson ran some Wildcat offense on the field and if Alabama isn’t ready for it, that could mean some big yards.

CW: Chattanooga has one of the better defenses in the FCS, ranking 11th overall. Where do the Mocs’ biggest strengths lie on that side of the ball?

AS: Defensively D.J. Key is our go-to man as a safety.  Teams think twice about going to the air when he is in the backfield.

Prediction: Alabama 35, UTC 14. I have chosen Alabama for the simple fact of depth. I feel like our athletes can hang with Alabama through the first two quarters but after half time it’s going to be hard to keep up with the depth that Alabama has on their roster.

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