JN 418 set to bowl for fourth year in a row

Leland Lanes

When Lars Anderson hosts his annual bowling tournament, one thing is certain: the competition is always wide open.

Nineteen competitors from all corners of the country will compete in the Fourth Annual Roll Tide Bowling Tournament at Leland Lanes for Anderson’s JN 418 class Tuesday night. The winner will hold bragging rights over the class for the rest of the spring semester.

Among the competing bowlers, nine are girls and ten are boys. Sixteen of the bowlers are seniors to go along with one junior, one sophomore and a current high school English teacher with an educational specialist degree.

Some of the early favorites entering the competition include seniors Marc Torrence, Nolan Imsande and Sarah Fazal, as well as English teacher Rachel Coach.

Torrence is the lone returning bowler from last year’s event, where he “choked it away” and finished in second after leading for much of the tournament. Despite the way last year’s tournament ended, Torrence believes that the experience he gained will work to his benefit this year.

Imsande, a native of Los Angeles, cited his mother’s bowling prowess as an advantage. He said he bowls about once a month, with 175 being his highest score ever.

Fazal, from Chicago, has bowled the highest total of any bowler competing in the tournament with a score of 234 and is “very competitive.”

Coach will enter the competition with the most experience out of all the participating bowlers, as she often plays against her husband, a competitive bowler.

Much of the rest of the field will have its work cut out for them with as many as five bowlers admitting that they are bad bowlers, including senior Manal Yousef, who said she has never bowled once in her life.

Senior Charlie Potter will be a bowler to watch outside of the early favorites, as Leland Lanes are his home lanes.

Sophomore Kevin Connell, the youngest bowler in the tournament at 20 years old, is also considered a dark horse in the tournament championship because of his youth.

Though the tournament’s mission is to crown a class champion, Anderson promised the class that the student who dresses up in the most outlandish bowling attire will win one of his published books.

The tournament is scheduled to start at 5 p.m.

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