Elsner holds on to win in final-frame thriller

Leland Lanes

Three final bowlers with one pin each remained. All three pins stood, but only one bowler stood with them.

After three thrilling rounds of bowling, senior Keegan Elsner held on to be crowned champion of the Fourth Annual Roll Tide Bowling Tournament at Leland Lanes Tuesday night. Elsner held off senior Josh Gaines and senior Joseph Bodenbach with a final round score of 36 in the win.

“I’m going to Disney World. I’m about to break down (crying). Best day of my life,” Elsner said.

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Jameis Winston controversy continues

One of college football’s most promising young athletes, Florida State redshirt freshman quarterback Jameis Winston, is currently creating headline news but for reasons he wish weren’t the case.

The Heisman Trophy candidate is being investigated for a reported sexual assault in December 2012.

The initial news of the investigation stemmed from a report by TMZ, a celebrity news website known for shoddy reporting. Though poorly reported, the investigation has since been confirmed, and the developing news since then on the case has not looked favorable for Winston and his camp.

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‘Rolando McClain’s self-imposed exile’ Analysis

Since the Nick Saban era began at Alabama in 2007, the Crimson Tide has had its fair share of talent at virtually every position. One position where the talent has always been clear is linebacker.

Out of the linebackers that have come and gone since 2007, one of the most notable is Rolando McClain, a first team All-American and national champion in 2009.

McClain, who would go on to be selected as the No. 8 overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders after three years at Alabama, was recently profiled by ESPN The Magazine senior writer Seth Wickersham on his current life after electing to retire from the NFL back in May at age 24 to get his “personal life together.”

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The juxtaposition of Alabama basketball

Two Alabama exhibition games were played at approximately the same time Monday night on The University of Alabama campus.

Both games couldn’t have gone anymore differently.

The Alabama men’s basketball team needed overtime to take down Division II West Georgia, 65-64, at Coleman Coliseum, while the women’s basketball team breezed past West Alabama — also a Division II program — 73-31, at Foster Auditorium.

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‘Booster Proud of His Largess and Game-Day Parties’ Analysis

He may not be the world’s most interesting man, but he certainly could make a case.

Roy Adams, a 75-year-old super-fan extraordinaire, is one of those rare people you meet in life where there is really nobody like him. He was described in the story as “the Great Gatsby of college sports” due to his lavish parties that really, in a way, are only comparable to something you get out of a book/movie, like “The Great Gatsby.”

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CNN’s Don Lemon speaks at UA’s ‘Through the Doors’ event

Don Lemon
CNN anchor Don Lemon speaks at The University of Alabama’s Ferguson Theatre on Feb. 22, 2013.

Don Lemon doesn’t care if nobody believes in him, and urges others to feel the same way.

“Louisiana told me ‘no’ in many ways because I was born black,” Lemon said. “Fortunately, this little black boy’s family didn’t get the memo.”

A reporter and anchor for CNN since September of 2006, Lemon spoke in front of a sold out audience Thursday, Feb. 21 about overcoming his personal struggles growing up as a gay black man. The speech, which began at 6 p.m., was held inside the Ferguson Center Theatre as a part of The University of Alabama’s “Through the Doors” celebration, a year-long commemoration in honor of the 50th anniversary of desegregation at the university.

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