Alabama baseball fan has attended nearly every game over past decade

Taylor Dugas Roger Myers at The Joe
Roger Myers (right) with former Alabama baseball star Taylor Dugas in February 2014. Dugas, 24, was promoted to the Yankees’ AAA affiliate last season. (Photo courtesy of Roger Myers)

Jim and Patricia Myers narrowed down their list to as far as they could, trying to decide a name for their newborn son.

Ronald? Richard? Those names were taken by the baby boy’s older brothers. The name would begin with an “R” because they wanted to stay consistent, but that was as far as they knew. Eventually, both parents came to an agreement.

There was only a few more names they could choose from but they wanted to make sure they were certain in their decision, of course, so they continued their search thoroughly.

“Roger. I was named after Roger Maris,” the baby boy would say over half a century later.

The then 25-year-old New York Yankees outfielder was one of the brightest stars in the game and, after all, Jim and Patricia loved baseball and the Yankees even more.

So it was settled.

On July 20, 1960 in Selma, Alabama, Roger Myers – and a life seemingly destined to be ingrained with baseball – was born.

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