Loudoun duo playing professional soccer for Washington Spirit

DiDi Haracic Whitney Church

In a lot of ways, Whitney Church and DiDi Haracic’s involvement in soccer isn’t too uncommon from others.

Around the age of 5, they first started playing the sport. Just a few short years later when they became old enough, they started playing travel. Then it was high school and college soccer later on after that.

But it’s that one final level that comes next that largely separates the two from the rest.

Both Church and Haracic are now playing professionally for the Washington Spirit of the National Women’s Soccer League – and they came to reach that point as lifelong Loudoun County residents and longtime friends.

“It’s funny, we actually played on the same club team growing up,” Haracic said. “We played for Loudoun (Soccer) together.”

And it’s through that where much of their story begins.

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