Responsibility key when advocating in the media

This post was originally published on my JN 499 class blog at The University of Alabama, a course dealing with journalism ethics:

It was then later published on, the website for the “Doing Ethics in Media: Theories and Practical Applications” textbook used for the course:


For many, the images were the final straw.

Eighteen months after Greg Hardy was arrested – and later convicted – on domestic violence charges, the photos showing the injuries he allegedly inflicted on former girlfriend Nicole Holder came to light.

In the 47 photos released by Deadspin last Friday, 45 show Holder bruised from her foot up to her chin, which she testified in July 2014 as Hardy’s doing.

And while it hardly came as a surprise to anyone who saw them, it just reached some people’s breaking point, including ESPN’s Wendi Nix.

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